“PHoBeauty” Mission 

Princess House of Beauty Mission is to Provide Superior Service to all those we service…

Always keeping focus on Excellent & Healthy Hair Care.

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Phobeauty Professional Haircare

PHoBeauty Vision

Princess & Jaini's vision is a complete line of hair products for both chemically treated & natural hair as well as a line of natural oils which is currently in the making... coming soon!

The Salon          


Princess House of Beauty is all a about offering a harmonious, urban, warm home feel atmosphere away from home; from the tranquil colors to the soft tantalizing music & warm conversation where you can come relax &  get your “Beauty” on.  At Princess House of Beauty you will always feel like family where you are greeted with a bright smile and warm heartfelt embrace...

PhoBeauty is a clean, smoke and gossip free Salon

Welcome words from Princess & Jaini

Welcome to Princess House of Beauty “PHoBeauty”.  Just a little note, Cosmetology is the study, application & art of Beauty Treatment.  As your PhobBeauty Haircare Specialists we can help “you” our clients to improve or acquire a certain look with just the right hairstyling & color. Not every hairstyle or color is intended for everybody, this is where our individual creativity as your stylist comes in.  We relish the opportunity to capture a look that is specifically designed for you.  We look forward to and challenge you to experience our creativity.  Let’s schedule your hair consultation/appointment today with one of our two PhoBeauty hair stylists here in Melbourne! We want you to look and feel BEAUTIFUL because "you" are!